Welcome to ICAT: Revolutionising actor training in the UK

ICAT was founded in 2007 as a forum for actors of any age to learn from those who do this for a living. Renowned for quality and passion, the company has grown from a ten week Saturday class to a two year diploma course offering first class training under hugely respected actor/practitioners and outstanding industry showcases.

We have extraordinary connections with the industry at large and students regularly gain direct experience of this. The course is flexible as it runs outside of daytime working hours and is possibly the most affordable training of it’s kind at a fraction of the full time drama school fee.

ICAT stands on the principles of international theatre legend, Mike Alfreds who has developed a straight forward methodology, practicable and applicable to any medium. We explore:

  • Actions
  • Objectives
  • Points of Concentration
  • Laban

Meet Si Trinder

ICAT founder Simon Trinder chats with colleagues.


Our Training

“ICAT’s training is designed to be rigorous, practical and above all, industry appropriate. International practitioners share their skillset with passionate students of all experience.”