Two Year Part Time Course

ICAT’s two year course is an incredible way to begin a career as an actor while working a full time job, ensuring that you don’t incur the crippling debt that most drama graduates inherit. The course is led by outstanding practitioners who work with some of the biggest actors, directors and companies in the world and teach at some of the countries biggest schools (RADA, LAMDA, Italia Conti, Royal Welsh College, Drama Centre, Man Met, ALRA). Described by award winning actor; Joseph Millson, as ‘the closest thing to an apprenticeship’, ICAT offers a totally applicable, industry respected toolkit, rigorously taught before showcasing the students in front of some of the most exciting agents and casting professionals the country has to offer.


This training is only for the truly dedicated and students must commit to a full time attitude as they are nurtured in the skills and ethos of the profession. We take etiquette and professionalism extremely seriously and ensure our students leave with the same level of respect for this noble craft.

Students are continuously exposed to the industry at large and are privileged enough to be invited into exclusive opportunities. We have spent days on set and appearing in prime time television drama, had private workshops with industry legends such as Cicely Berry and Jeannette Nelson, been invited to spend two days training at the Royal Shakespeare Company under world renowned practitioners and more. ICAT graduates are gaining superb representation (sometimes ahead of graduation) and working in television, theatre and winning awards in independent film internationally.